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Chappuis, G. (1995) Control of Canine Distemper. Veterinary Microbiology, 44, 351-358.


  • 标题: 一例犬瘟的中西医诊治与体会Chinese and Western Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment of One Case of Canine Distemper

    作者: 李晓宇, 付晓蓉, 戚月, 买买提⋅黑牙斯丁, 郭庆勇

    关键字: 犬瘟热, 中西医, 清开灵Canine Distemper, Chinese and Western Medicine, Qingkailing

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.5 No.2, 2016-05-26

    摘要: 犬瘟热是由犬瘟热病毒感染引起的一种急性、高度接触性传染病。本文对一例肺炎型犬瘟热病例采取抗病毒、补液、消炎、清热解毒、清热凉血等中西医结合疗法综合治疗,经过16天治疗后痊愈。一般治愈的患犬排毒期长,多在1个月到半年之间,但本文中患犬的康复排毒期很短,将治愈后的患犬和6月龄未免疫的犬放在一起生活,未免疫犬没有患犬瘟,此次实验说明中西医结合治疗犬瘟热的这种方法值得推荐。 Canine distemper is an acute infection caused by the canine distemper virus, highly contagious disease. This article took anti-viral, rehydration, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, heat and cooling and other Chinese and Western medicine comprehensive treatment of one case of pneumonia and distemper cases were cured after 16 days. Generally, the cured dogs that had suffered from canine distemper needed a long time to expel the virus, mostly from one month to six months. But in my experiment, the cured dog had a short time to expel the canine distemper virus. When the cured dog and the 6-month-old dogs that hadn’t been vaccinated lived together, the non-vacci- nated dogs hadn’t been affected. The experiment shows that it is worthy to be recommended to combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment for canine distemper.