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姜霞, 廖永安. 重构我国仲裁证据制度之探析[J]. 求索, 2008(5): 126-128.


  • 标题: 上海自贸区知识产权纠纷多元解决机制的完善The Resolution Mechanism of Shanghai Free Trade Zone to Improve the Intellectual Property Dispute

    作者: 张韬略, 黄洋

    关键字: 自贸区, 知识产权, 替代性纠纷解决方式Free Trade Zone, Intellectual Property Right, ADR

    期刊名称: 《Dispute Settlement》, Vol.2 No.1, 2016-05-26

    摘要: 随着知识产权纠纷的激增,合理运用替代性纠纷解决方式,构建高效的知识产权纠纷解决机制,已成为释放知识产权的经济社会效益的重要途径。本文通过介绍和分析上海自贸区知识产权纠纷的替代性解决制度的现状及不足,提出了深化改革的方向:向国内外其他仲裁机构开放上海自贸区的仲裁服务;在自贸区引入临时仲裁制度;提高民间调解和仲裁机构化解纠纷的能力;强化上海自贸区诉讼与非诉讼相衔接的知识产权纠纷解决机制。 Nowadays, with the sharp increase of intellectual property disputes, it’s recognized that ADR me-chanisms play a more and more important role in resolving IP disputes and, therefore, become an influential way to exert the economic and social benefits of IP. This article introduces and analyzes the present situation of IP ADR mechanisms in Shanghai Free Trade Zone and comes up with the following reforming suggestion: opening the market of arbitration services in Shanghai FTZ to other arbitration organizations both in domestic and overseas areas; introducing the system of ad hoc arbitration into Shanghai FTZ; improving non-governmental mediation and arbitration or-ganizations’ ability to resolve disputes; strengthening the mechanisms of combining litigation with non-litigation to resolve IP disputes in Shanghai FTZ Court.