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Wang, M.J.S., Guo, Y.B. and Wang, S.Y. (2015) The 1-Good-Neighbor Diagnosability of Cayley Graphs Generated by Transposition Trees under the PMC Model and MM* Model. International Journal of Computer Mathematics.


  • 标题: 交叉立方体的1好邻连通度和诊断度The 1-Good-Neighbor Connectivity and Diagnosability of Crossed Cubes

    作者: 马晓蕾, 王世英, 王贞化

    关键字: 互连网络, , 诊断度, 交叉立方体Interconnection Network, Graph, Diagnosability, Crossed Cube

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.5 No.2, 2016-05-26

    摘要: 连通度和诊断度是度量多处理器系统故障诊断能力的重要参数。2012年,Peng等提出了一个新的系统故障诊断方法,称为g好邻诊断度,它限制每个非故障顶点至少有g个非故障邻点。n维交叉立方体是超立方体的一个重要变形。本文证明了交叉立方体的1好邻连通度是2n – 2 (n ≥ 4),又证明了交叉立方体在PMC模型下的1好邻诊断度是2n – 1 (n ≥ 4)和在MM*模型下的1好邻诊断度是2n – 1 (n ≥ 5)。 Connectivity and diagnosability are important parameters in measuring the fault diagnosis of multiprocessor systems. In 2012, Peng et al. proposed a new measure for fault diagnosis of the system, which is called g-good-neighbor diagnosability that restrains every fault-free node con-taining at least g fault-free neighbors. The n-dimensional crossed cube is an important variant of the hypercube. In this paper, we prove that the 1-good-neighbor connectivity of crossed cube is 2n − 2 for n ≥ 4, and the 1-good-neighbor diagnosability of crossed cube is 2n − 1 under the PMC model for n ≥ 4 and the MM* model for n ≥ 5.