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Xu, X. and Peng, M. (2013) Critical Thread Guided Fine-Grained Adaptive Capacity Management for Shared CMP Caches. Information Technology Journal, 12, 1366-1372.


  • 标题: 基于进程绑定的IBP缓存替换算法The IBP Replacement Algorithm Based on Process Binding

    作者: 王冠, 赵涵宇, 孙亮

    关键字: IBP替换算法, 进程绑定, 缓存抖动IBP Replacement Algorithm, Process Binding, Cache Jitter

    期刊名称: 《Software Engineering and Applications》, Vol.5 No.3, 2016-06-07

    摘要: LRU作为末级缓存的替换算法造成的缓存“抖动”现象严重的影响了缓存的效率,为此本文提出了基于进程绑定的IBP替换算法,通过将进程数据绑定到缓存中,并根据数据源的不同选取不同的替换策略,从替换策略的角度粗粒度的实现了缓存的划分,并与其他Cache划分方案相比硬件依赖明显减弱。在相同环境下提高了工作负载7%的运行速度,Cache缺失率下降了14%,并且随着核数的增多,对缓存效率的提升也更加明显。 LRU as the last level Cache replacement algorithm will cause the Cache “jitter” phenomenon which influences the Cache efficiency. This paper, based on the binding process of IBP replacement algorithm, binds the process of data to the Cache, chooses the different replacement algorithm accord- ing to different situations, and achieves the division of the Cache. And compared with other Cache partitioning schemes, the hardware dependence is obviously weakened. The running speed of the work load increased by 7% in the same environment; the loss rate of Cache decreased by 14%, and the efficiency of the Cache increased significantly with the increase of the number of cores.