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Wang, L.D., Zhou, F.Y., Li, X.M., et al. (2010) Genome-Wide Association Study of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Chinese Subjects Identifies Susceptibility Loci at PLCEl and C200rf54. Nature Genetics, 42, 759-763.


  • 标题: 浅谈对食管癌防治研究的理解和思考The Understanding and Considering of Prevention and Treatment on Esophageal Cancer

    作者: 张冬云

    关键字: 食管癌, 理解, 思考Esophageal Cancer, Understanding, Considering

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.6 No.2, 2016-06-13

    摘要: 食管癌是世界上最常见的恶性肿瘤之一,预后差,5年生存率仅15%左右。作者所在研究团队通过对食管癌高发区随访发现食管癌患者术后生存存在明显差异。针对这一生存现状,本文作者试着从外因与内因相结合、人群研究与实验室研究相结合、基础研究与临床研究相结合、传统研究与现代分子生物学技术相结合、研究者和研究对象、社会、医院相结合和人文关怀与心理干预等几个方面来初步探讨作者对食管癌研究与防治的一些理解。Esophageal cancer (EC) is one of the six most common malignancies worldwide. Its prognosis was the worst; the survival rate of 5-years was only ten percent or so. During the field research in high incidence area, our study group founded that the survival time of some ESCC patients after their surgical operations was significantly difference. To this conditions, the aims is to discuss the un-derstanding and considering of esophageal cancer from some following ways: the combination of external and internal, population study and laboratory study, basical study and clinical study, local treatment and comprehension treatment, traditional study and modern molecular biology technology, researchers and research objects, sociology, hospital, humanistic care and psychological intervention.