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潘晓日, 钟美容, 胡明, 韦丽华. 短信及电话回访教育对冠心病介入术后出院患者的康复影响[J]. 护理研究, 2013, 27(18): 1871-1872.


  • 标题: 健康教育在妇科疾病防治中的应用进展The Application of Health Education in the Prevention and Treatment of Gynecological Diseases

    作者: 周妍芸, 冯晓, 梁家敏, 杨志霞, 许朝霞

    关键字: 健康教育, 妇女保健, 妇科疾病, 综述Health Education, Women’s Health, Gynecological Diseases, Review

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.6 No.2, 2016-06-23

    摘要: 随着人们对健康和生活质量的要求不断提高,健康教育越来越受到社会和人民群众的关注。特别是现在经常在护理过程中向患者传授健康教育的知识,以及相关后续效果的研究,不禁让人们意识到健康教育在妇科疾病防治过程中发挥的重要作用。因此本文阐释了健康教育核心和健康教育在妇科疾病防治中的作用及临床研究状况,如健康教育有效提高女性的自我保护意识、促进女性重视体检、提高治疗效果、改善医患关系等方面的内容,以期通过剖析健康教育在妇女保健及妇科疾病诊治的作用,从而加强妇女自身及医护人员对于健康教育的重视。 With the increasing demand for health and quality of life, health education has become more and more concerned by the society and the people. Especially now frequently teaching health education to patients in the nursing process knowledge and related follow-up study of the effect, can not help making people aware of the important role played by health education in the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases in the process. Therefore, this article explains health education core, and the effect and the clinical research situation of health education about the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases, which includes several contents about health education, such as effectively improving the self-protection awareness of women, making women pay more attention to health examination, improving the therapeutic effect, promoting the doctor- patient relationship, etc. And we hope to strengthen women and medical staff’s attention to health education by analyzing the role of health education in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases.