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陈立军. 2013年巴基斯坦7.7级地震与兴都库什的地震构造[J]. 内陆地震, 2015, 29(1): 15-27.


  • 标题: 西北太平洋滨海地区的地震活动与地震柱构造Seismic Activity and Seismic Cone Structures in the Coastal Area of the Northwest Pacific Ocean

    作者: 陈立军

    关键字: 地震地热说, 地震柱, 壳下地震, 壳内强震, 火山, 西北太平洋Seismo-Geothermics Theory, Seismic Cone, Subcrustal Earthquake, Intracrustal Strong Earthquake, Volcano, The Northwest Pacific Ocean

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-06-28

    摘要: 按照地震地热说关于壳内强震与火山预测的方法,本文采用北加利福利亚地震数据中心的ANSS地震目录和日本气象厅的震源月报,对西北太平洋滨海地区的地震活动与地震柱构造进行广泛研究,通过两套地震目录的对比,进一步印证和确立了研究区内的地震柱构造结构,表现为一种稳定的框架结构,仔细鉴别了鄂霍茨克地震柱、日本地震柱和台湾及琉球地震柱的多边形区域,并对中国珲春地震柱构造做出特别的论证,进而列举了若干应用研究的例子,包括2011年日本9级地震、2016年日本熊本7.3级地震、1995年日本阪神6.8级地震,台湾地震柱的活动性,以及相关地区的火山活动的态势与成因,台湾地震与九州地震的关系,等等,做出了全面的分析,同时介绍了一些预测的方法,对于研究区内的地震预测和火山预测研究都是有意义的,或许对全球也有用。地震地热说的原理与方法,以及地震柱构造的概念,提出多年了,作者一直致力于壳内强震与火山活动的预测思路研究,希望能对人类的防灾事业有所贡献。 According to the Seismo-Geothermics theory about methods of intracrustal strong earthquake and volcano prediction, by comparing the ANSS earthquake catalogue from the Northern California earthquake data center and the earthquake monthly reports from Japan Meteorological Agency, and extensive study of the seismic activities and the seismic cone structures in the coastal area of the Northwest Pacific Ocean, the author of this paper further confirms that the seismic cone structure in that area is a stable frame structure. This paper also identifies carefully the polygon regions of Okhotsk seismic cone, Japan seismic cone and Taiwan & Ryukyu seismic cone, makes a special demonstration of the Hunchun seismic cone, China, and then studies the situations and causes of Japan earthquake Mw9.0 in 2011, Kumamoto earthquake Mj7.3 in 2016, Hanshin earth-quake Ms6.8 in 1995, the activities of Taiwan seismic cone, and volcano activities in related regions, and the relationship of seismic activities between Taiwan and Ryukyu. At the same time, this paper introduces some prediction methods of earthquakes and volcanoes, which are meaningful for the study area, and maybe for whole of the Earth. The principle and methods of seismo- geothermics theory, and the concept of seismic cone structure have been put forward for many years by the author, who has been committed to the ideas of prediction research of intracrustal strong earthquakes and volcanic activities, and hopes to be able to contribute to the disaster prevention for human being.