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贾宏俊, 段宏亮. 基于BP神经网络的绿色建筑造价成本估算模型[J]. 项目管理技术, 2011, 9(6): 67-70.


  • 标题: 绿色建筑运营阶段隐性成本估算方法研究Research on the Recessive Costs Estimation Methods in the Operational Phase of Green Building

    作者: 邵必林, 李晓东, 张妍

    关键字: 绿色建筑, 运营阶段, 隐性成本, 结构熵权法Green Building, Operational Phase, Recessive Cost, Structure Entropy Method

    期刊名称: 《Modern Management》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-06-28

    摘要: 运营阶段隐性成本过高已成为制约绿色建筑推广的主要瓶颈问题之一。针对这一问题,本文将隐性成本分为易量化与难量化两个层面。针对易量化隐性成本,建立了估算函数。针对难量化隐性成本,本文从绿色技术、企业管理、员工、环境保护四个层面选取了13个指标,通过结构熵权法确定指标权重,运用模糊综合评判法构建了绿色建筑运营阶段隐性成本的评价体系。实证分析表明该方法能为绿色建筑运营阶段隐性成本的监控提供一定的帮助,对于绿色建筑的推广具有积极的意义。 The recessive costs in the operational phase of green buildings are too large to spread green buildings. Against this problem, the recessive costs are divided two aspects, one is easy to quantify, the other is hard to quantify. For the former, the article builds the estimation function. For the latter, the article chooses thirteen indexes from green technology, business management, employee and environment. Then using structure entropy method assigns index weights, it makes a evaluation model by adopting the fussy comprehensive evaluation. Through the empirical analysis, this method is useful to control the recessive costs and spread the green building.