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周效东, 汤伟中. 偏振态调制的偏振无关干涉型光纤传感器[J]. 光学学报, 1996, 16(2): 236-239.


  • 标题: 马赫–曾德干涉条纹形状畸变研究Study on the Distortion of the Shape of Mach-Zehnder Interference Fringes

    作者: 廖大麟, 李佐, 刘云

    关键字: M-Z干涉仪, 干涉条纹, 畸变, 对比度M-Z Interferometer, Interference Fringes, Distortion, Contrast

    期刊名称: 《Optoelectronics》, Vol.6 No.2, 2016-06-30

    摘要: 本文通过观察实验结果,发现M-Z干涉条纹形状发生了畸变,利用计算软件分析了干涉条纹的光强分布,运用相干理论分析了干涉条纹产生畸变的原因,并从光源的发光机制、实验光路、光的利用率等方面分析得出了可能影响M-Z干涉条纹形状和对比度的主要因素,提出了相应的改进措施并得出改进后的干涉条纹比改进前的干涉条纹更接近直条纹的结论,为进一步提高条纹的对比度,以及涉及干涉条纹研究的领域提供了有益的参考。 By observation experimental effect, the distortion of the shape of M-Z the interference fringes is found. Light intensity distribution of the interference fringes is analyzed using calculation software. And the reason that generates the distortion is solved by coherent theory, and the main factors that may affect M-Z interferometer fringe shape and contrast is analyzed from aspect emitting mechanism of the light source, the experimental optical path and the light utilization, etc. The improvement measures of corresponding have been presented. And the results that improved interference fringes are closer to the straight fringes than the interference fringes before improvement are obtained. The paper provides a useful reference for further improving fringe contrast and research areas of relate interference fringes.