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Rae, A.J., O’Brien, J., Ramirez, E., et al. (2011) The Application of Chlo-rite Geothermometry to Hydrothermally Altered Rotokawa Andesite, Rotokawa Geothermal Field. NZ Geothermal Workshop, 33, 8.


  • 标题: 绿泥石的成因矿物学研究综述Advances on Mineral Genesis of Chlorite: A Review

    作者: 刘燚平, 张少颖, 张华锋

    关键字: 绿泥石, 成因矿物学, 温度计, 氧逸度和硫逸度Chlorite, Mineral Genesis, Thermometer, Oxygen Fugacity and Sulfide Fugacity

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.6 No.3, 2016-06-30

    摘要: 绿泥石作为重要的层状硅酸盐可以形成并稳定在不同地质作用和条件下。其成因矿物学特点又能够反演约束形成时的物理化学条件,因此是一种重要的标型矿物。为此,本文对前人的最新研究成果进行简要评述,并对山西中条山铜矿峪和西藏拿诺斑岩铜矿成矿期绿泥石数据进行重新计算和分析。结合矿区矿物组合特征与流体包裹体数据,探讨分析绿泥石形成条件与成矿作用条件的吻合性,从而分析方法的可靠性和应用性。 As an important phyllosilicate, chlorite can be found in various geological environments. Its genetic mineralogical characteristics can provide important information for the formation conditions, leading it to be a significant typomorphic mineral. Therefore, the aim of this study is to give a review on some progresses on mineral genesis of chlorite. Finally, we applied viable methods to analyze natural cases of the Tongkuangyu porphyry copper deposit from the Zhongtiao Mountain and Naruo porphyry copper deposit from Tibet. Based on ore mineral assemblages and trapped fluid inclusion data, we would analyze the estimated results of chlorite temperatures, oxygen fugcity and sulfur fugacity to discuss the congruency of formation conditions between chlorite and metallogenesis, and consequently test the reliability and applicability of these methods.