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韩路, 贺狄龙, 刘爱菊, 马冬梅. 动力电池梯次利用研究进展[J]. 电源技术, 2014, 38(3): 548-550.


  • 标题: 新能源汽车动力电池再利用分析Analysis in Secondary Use of New Energy Automotive Battery

    作者: 任国岐, 孟亚敏, 邵冰然, 刘通

    关键字: 新能源汽车, 动力电池, 微网, 储能New Energy Automobile, Battery, Micro-Grid, Energy Storage

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.4 No.4, 2016-07-14

    摘要: 随着环境保护的要求和电池技术的发展,新能源汽车在世界范围内逐渐推广应用。随着国家相关部委、各地方政府出台的一系列促进新能源汽车发展的政策措施,新能源汽车的规模越来越大,动力电池的处理以及如何再利用就显得尤为重要。同时,受制于储能价格偏高,微网的发展缓慢。本文简要介绍了新能源汽车及微网发展情况,列举了常用的储能形式,将新能源汽车动力电池的处理与微网中储能结合起来,提出一种方案,从而延长动力电池的生命周期,促进新能源汽车和微网两个产业健康快速发展。 With the requirements protection and development of the battery technology, new energy auto-mobile gradually popularizes throughout the world. Along with the relevant state ministries and commissions, the local government issued a series of policies and measures to promote the de-velopment of new energy automotive. The number of the new energy automotive is more and more. The processing of power battery and how to reuse are particularly important. At the same time, influenced by the expensive price of the energy storage, the micro-grid develops slowly. This paper briefly introduces the development of new energy automobile and micro-grid, lists the commonly-used form of energy storage, combines the processing of new energy automobile power batteries with micro net energy storage and puts forward a solution to prolong the life cycle of power battery and promote the healthy and rapid development of two industries of new energy vehicles and micro-grid.