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Lean, I.J., DeGaris, P.J., McNeil, D.M. and Block, E. (2006) Hypocalcemia in Dairy Cows: Meta-Analysis and Dietary Cation Anion Difference Theory Revisited. Journal of Dairy Science, 89, 669-684.


  • 标题: 奶牛乳热和亚临床低钙血症的研究概况Overview of Milk Fever and Subclinical Hypocalcemia in Daily Cows

    作者: 张江, 范子玲, 王刚, 肖鑫焕, 舒适, 夏成, 张洪友, 徐闯, 吴凌

    关键字: 乳热症, 低钙血症, 围产期奶牛Milk Fever, Subclinical Hypocalcemia, Transition Cows

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Veterinary Medicine》, Vol.5 No.3, 2016-07-27

    摘要: 乳热和亚临床低钙血症是围产期奶牛最重要的常量矿物质代谢紊乱性疾病。围产期奶牛会经历泌乳过程,这个过程中动物自身的矿物质平衡很可能会失衡,从而导致乳热和亚临床低钙血症的发生。就奶牛生产性疾病来说,乳热与许多其他疾病的发生有关,它可以作为诱发因素引起围产期奶牛疾病的级联事件。本研究概括了乳热和亚临床低钙血症可能会引发的生理和临床后果,为临床预防及治疗乳热和亚临床低血钙症提供理论基础。 Milk fever and subclinical hypocalcaemia are the most important mineral metabolic disorders of dairy cows in transition period. Cows will experience the lactation during transition period while their minerals may be out of balance, which results in milk fever and subclinical hypocalcemia. As for cows’ production diseases, milk fever is related with many other diseases, it can serve as a susceptible factor causing the cascade of diseases in transition cows. This research recapitulated the physiological and clinical consequences which was caused by the milk fever and subclinical hypocalcemia, and provided a theoretical basis for clinical prevention and treatment of milk fever and subclinical hypocalcemia.