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何勇勇, 石洁, 程树群. 原发性肝癌门静脉癌栓患者合并肝门淋巴结转移手术疗效的比较研究[J]. 中国微创外科杂志, 2012, 12(8): 687-689.


  • 标题: 精准医学引导下肝癌周围的亚临床癌灶研究进展Progress in Subclinical Cancer Foci around Liver under the Guidance of Precision Medicine

    作者: 郑作深

    关键字: 原发性肝癌, 复发, 亚临床病灶, 治疗, 精准医学Primary Liver Cancer, Recurrence, Subclinical Lesions, Treatment, Precision Medicine

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Oncology》, Vol.5 No.3, 2016-07-29

    摘要: 精准医学临床分析,小肝癌手术切除、局部治疗或精确放疗共存缺陷,肿瘤完整被切除,肝癌周围亚临床癌灶“被遗漏”,是40余年小肝癌术后5年生存率没有提高的瓶颈。当前肝癌研究正处于十字路口。遵照精准医学原则,完整治疗原发癌灶(治疗方法较多),并治疗癌周亚临床癌灶 (方法仅有全肝移动条野放疗1项),才能减少复发转移。本文围绕能够控制肝癌周围亚临床病灶不规则分布范围的认识来分析全肝移动条野放疗、精确放疗和外科切除肝癌的优缺点,探索三者优势互补的多学科合作与综合治疗的新方案。 Precision medicine clinical analysis, small liver cancer surgical resection, local treatment or accurate radiotherapy coexisting defects, the thing that tumor is being resected completely and the thing that subclinical cancer around liver cancer "is missing" are the bottleneck that make the survival rate after small liver cancer surgery for 5 years not increased for more than 40 years. At present, the research of liver cancer is at a crossroad. In accordance with the principles of the precision medicine, completely treating the primary tumor foci (there are many treatment methods) and also treating cancer weeks subclinical cancer lesions (there is only one method that is the whole liver mobile radiation therapy), can reduce the recurrence and the metastasis. In this paper, we focus on the understanding that can control the range of the irregular distribution of the subclinical focus around the liver cancer to analyze advantages and disadvantages of the whole liver moving strip field radiotherapy, precise radiotherapy and surgical resection of the liver cancer, and explores the new scheme of multidisciplinary cooperation and comprehensive treatment that the advantages of three therapies supplement each other.