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Zhuang, X.L., Han, Z., Bai, Z.H., Zhuang, G.Q. and Shim, H. (2010) Progress in Decontamination by Halophilic Microorganisms in Saline Wastewater and Soil. Environmental Pollution, 158, 1119-1126.


  • 标题: “生物巢”形成及其水处理机制的理论分析The Theoretical Analysis for the Formation and Wastewater Treatment Mechanism of “Bio-Nest”

    作者: 吴智仁, 蒋素英, 周向同, 蔡培杰, 谢菁, 陈园园, 石玲珑, 张波, 罗志军

    关键字: 生物巢, 玄武岩纤维, 三维多膜层结构, 活性污泥法Bio-Nest, Basalt Fibre, Three-Dimentional Multilayered Structure, Activated Sludge

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.6 No.4, 2016-08-15

    摘要: 针对目前生物法中的常规填料只能提供二维生物附着面,而无法形成类似好氧颗粒的三维多膜层结构的问题,我们提出了“生物巢”的概念:经过电活性改性的柔性玄武岩纤维在水中的分散性和生物亲和性有明显的提升,经过合理编制的改性玄武岩纤维填料在水力作用下对微生物进行高效缠绕、包裹、支撑,以形成大尺寸的活性污泥聚集体(直径可达10 cm以上)。其所拥有的丰富微生物种群以及明显的三维多膜层微环境结构理论上可实现污废水中C、N、P、S等污染物质在单一反应器中的同步去除,可有效缩短水处理工艺流程。本文将对所提出的“生物巢”进行概念解释,并对其构建过程中的填料选择、形成过程以及作用机制等方面进行理论分析。 Currently, the traditional packing can only provide a two-dimensional attachment surface, and the attached bacteria can’t form the three-dimensional multilayered structure which is like aerobic sludge granular. In allusion to these problems, “bio-nest” as a novel concept is proposed, in order to treat the wastewater with a special three-dimensional multilayered structure. The “bio-nest” is based on soft Basalt Fibre (BF) packing which is modified in the surface electrical behavior. And the modified BF (MBF) shows excellent dispersibility in water and biocompatibility. The MBF packing can offer the effects of winding, parcels and support to the bacteria under the hydraulic agitation, and a globular activated sludge aggregate is formed with a large diameter of more than 10 cm. In addition, the removal of C, N, P, S and other pollutants by “bio-nest” is in a single reactor synchronously in theory due to the three-dimensional multilayered structure and the abundant biological species. Thus, in this work, the confirmation of packing materials, the parameters for the forming process and working mechanism of the “bio-nest” is analyzed systematically in theory.