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陈建波. 低压电流互感器自动检定系统的研究[J]. 机械工程与自动化, 2013(3): 185-186.


  • 标题: 论低压计量箱实验室之建设On Construction of Low-Voltage Metering Cabinet Laboratory

    作者: 穆小星

    关键字: 低压计量箱, 实验室建设, 检测, 电气性能试验, 机械性能试验, 材料性能试验Low-Voltage Metering Cabinet, Laboratory Construction, Inspection, Electrical Performance Test, Mechanical Performance Test, Material Performance Test

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Energy and Power Engineering》, Vol.4 No.4, 2016-08-17

    摘要: 2013年国家电网公司正式颁布了《低压计量箱技术规范》标准,其相应行业标准也即将发布。标准中对计量箱试验项目、方法都进行了严格规范,使其制造、检验工作有了可循依据。而建立计量箱专用实验室,实施计量箱各项试验,开展计量箱型式检验、验收检验、质量监督就成为一项重要的例行工作。对各省电力检测机构,都面临建设新计量箱实验室任务,如何建立完善的、符合技术标准要求的计量箱实验室,则需要一个技术指导。通过对计量箱试验项目分析、试验流程设计,试验场地规划,并借助流水线检测技术应用给出了一个系统的、全面的计量箱实验室解决方案,使之能够多快好省地建成一个现代化、自动化的高标准检测实验室,确保计量箱检测工作顺利开展,为计量箱产品最终更新换代提供技术保障。State Grid Corporation of China has officially promulgated the standard “technical specifications of low-voltage metering cabinet” in 2013, and the corresponding industry standards are also soon to be released. In this standard, tests on metering cabinet as well as their test methods are strictly regulated, so that the manufacturing and inspection of metering cabinet have basic rules to follow. As a result, setting up the laboratory specialized for metering cabinet and performing every tests have become an important routine, to implement type approval, inspection, and quality supervision of metering cabinet.For each provincial electric power testing authority who faces the task of setting up new laboratory for metering cabinet, technical guides are needed to make the laboratory excellent and coincident with technical requirements. By analyzing the tests, designing the testing procedure, and planning the testing site, followed by an application based on assembly line testing technique, a systematical and thorough solution is then proposed, which enables a fast and economic way to setting up metering cabinet laboratory, to ensure a smooth development of me-tering cabinet, furthermore, to provide technical supporting for the updating and evolving of the product.