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田林锋, 胡继伟, 罗桂林, 等. 贵州百花湖沉积物重金属稳定性及潜在生态风险性研究[J]. 环境科学学报, 2012(4): 885-894.


  • 标题: 黔北火电厂周边森林土壤重金属污染现状研究Study on Heavy Metals Pollution of Forest Soils around Qianbei Coal-Fired Plant

    作者: 黄先飞

    关键字: 火电厂, 森林, 土壤, 重金属Coal-Fired Plant, Forest, Soil, Heavy Metals

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.6 No.4, 2016-08-18

    摘要: 为探索山区火电厂周边森林土壤重金属污染现状,调查了贵州省黔北火电厂周边7个森林样地物种群落结构概况,在7个森林样点的中心部分、林地边缘及林外耕地进行了土壤样品采集,分析研究了土壤样品中铅、镉、汞、砷、铜与铬6中重金属的污染水平。结果表明林地土壤重金属Pb基本源于土壤形成的基岩,受外界污染较小。林地植被对大气沉降引起的Pb污染具有较好屏蔽效果,但对Hg、Cd两种元素的屏蔽效果相对较弱,主要受林分与密闭度的影响。基于贵州省土壤背景值及单因子指数与综合污染指数法评价结果,研究区土壤主要存在Hg、Cd、Pb的污染,而As、Cu及Cr则不存在污染现象。 To study the heavy metals pollution status of soils from forest land surrounding coal-fired plant in mountainous area, species community structures of 7 forest lands surrounding Qianbei Coal-fired Plant were investigate. Soil samples were collected at central parts and edge parts of these forest lands, and soils in cropland out of these forest lands were sampled as well. Pollution levels of Pb, Cd, Hg, As, Cu and Cr were analyzed. The results suggested that Pb in soils of forest land was mainly associated with rock weathering; forest trees are good shields against the Pb pollution caused by atmospheric deposition. For Hg and Cd pollution, its protection primary depended on its forest closure and components. According to the single factor and Nemerow comprehensive index method, study region was polluted with Hg, Cd and Pb, and no pollution of As, Cu and Cr in these areas was observed.