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Fagerstrom, J.A. (1987) The Evolution of Reef Communities. Wiley, New York.


  • 标题: 中扬子地台早奥陶纪和华南盆地泥盆纪生物礁的纵向对比The Vertical Comparison between the Early Ordovician Reefs in Middle Yangtze Platform and the Devonian Reefs in South China Basin

    作者: 汪严, 肖传桃, 刘磊, 刘宇航, 王康莉, 葛婧艳

    关键字: 生物礁, 中扬子地台, 早奥陶纪, 华南盆地, 泥盆纪Reefs, Middle Yangtze Platform, Early Ordovician, South China Basin, Devonian

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Geosciences》, Vol.6 No.4, 2016-08-22

    摘要: 从上个世纪初以来,生物礁因为其是油气储存得天独厚的场所而不断得到研究者的重视,因此从刚开始的生物礁的定义、分类以及控制因素到后来的时空分布关系等方面均有不少成果问世。由于生物礁特殊的生存环境(适宜的温度、充足的阳光、纯净的水质);故同一地区在不同地质时期因为所发生的构造运动不同,导致环境改变,从而造成生物礁的种类和数量有很大的区别。本文主要是从生物礁的基本概况(包括主要造礁生物和附礁生物特征)、沉积地质条件(大地构造条件和岩相古地理条件),生物礁的主控因素(古气候、古环境、海平面等)、找油意义这几个方面来对中扬子地台早奥陶纪和华南盆地泥盆纪生物礁进行纵向对比,揭示了这两个时期生物礁发育的差异性和相似性特点。 Since the beginning of the last century, reefs are paid for increasing attention by researchers as it owns unique advantages of storing oil and gas. And there are a lot of achievements in the definition, classification and control factors of reefs at first and its spatial and temporal distribution later. Considering the special living environment, like the optimum temperature, the opulent sunshine and pure water, the same area will have a big difference in the types and quantity of reefs that is caused by occurred tectonic movement which causes the change of environment. This thesis conducts comparison between the Early Ordovician reefs in Middle Yangtze Platform and the Devonian reefs in South China Basin vertically from the basic introduction, including the feature of reef-forming organisms and reef-inserted organisms, deposit geological condition, including geotectonic conditions and lithofacies palaeogeography conditions, the key control factors of organic reef containing the paleoclimate, the paleoenvironment, the sea level and the meaning of exploration of oil, which reveals the differences and similarities of reefs development in these two periods.