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周风华. 初中数学课堂互动教学模式探究[D]: [硕士学位论文]. 郑州: 河南大学,2013.


  • 标题: 浅议互动式教学A Discussion on Interactive Teaching

    作者: 杜倩颖, 刘旻昱, 杨坤

    关键字: 互动式教学, 特点, 理论基础, 演进, 影响因素Interactive Teaching, Characteristic, Theoretical Basis, Evolution, Influencing Factors

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.5, 2016-09-20

    摘要: 让学生主动学习、独立思考、善于沟通,是互动式教学所强调的,也是培养学生创新精神和能力的重要途径。本文介绍了互动式教学的定义和特点、互动式教学的理论基础、国内外互动式教学的演进发展,以及互动式教学的影响因素,期望能引起读者对互动式教学的注意和兴趣,让互动式教学在未来我国创新型人才的培养中发挥更大的作用。 It’s highly emphasized to help students actively learn, independently think and be good at com-munication in interactive learning (IL) and in the education of students’ innovation spirit and ca-pability. This article introduced IL’s definition and characteristics, theoretical basis, the evolution and development both in China and abroad, and influencing factors. We hope that this can attract readers’ attention and interest in IL, and let IL play a more important role in the education of innovation-oriented people in our country.