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李建成. 施工项目中的进度计划与控制研究[D]: [硕士学位论文]. 上海: 上海交通大学, 2007.


  • 标题: 工期紧迫型单位工程进度计划编制方法讨论Discussion on the Method of Preparing the Schedule of a Time-Limited Unit Project

    作者: 陈娇娇

    关键字: 流水施工, 工期紧迫, 编制要点, 案例分析Flow Construction, Severe Pressure, Application Key Points, Case Study

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.5 No.4, 2016-09-23

    摘要: 工程建设项目周期长、环节多,质量、成本、工期三大目标相互制约,如何在保证质量的前提下缩短工期、降低建设成本成为编制施工组织设计的关键。流水施工通过合理的规划,统筹工程建设的三大目标,成为了工期紧迫型单位工程编制进度计划的重要手段。本文结合淮阴卫校1号实训楼特点,分析了流水施工缩短工期要点,探讨如何运用流水施工理论来编制工期紧迫型单位工程进度计划。 Construction projects have the features of long duration and multiple links. Three objections, quality, cost and schedule, are mutually restrictive. How to shorten the construction period and reduce construction cost under the premise of guaranteeing quality is key to construction organization design. The flow construction integrated these three objectives by proper planning, and it has become an important means of preparing the schedule of a project time limited. This paper taking the first training building in Huaiyin Medical School, analyzed the key points of shortening the construction period. In the end, we discussed how to apply the theory of flow construction to prepare the schedule of a time-limited unit project.