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教育部基础教育组织, 编. 幼儿园教育指导纲要[M]. 江苏: 江苏教育出版社, 2002.


  • 标题: 幼儿园英语教学生活化的现状与对策研究 —以秦皇岛小牛津幼儿园为例The Research on the Present Situation and Countermeasures of Life-Oriented English Teaching in Kindergarten—Taking Little Oxford Kindergarten in Qinhuangdao for Example

    作者: 洪雪

    关键字: 幼儿园, 英语教学, 生活化Kindergarten, English Teaching, Life-Oriented

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.6 No.6, 2016-11-07

    摘要: 幼儿园英语教学生活化强调教学内容源自生活,为生活所用,创设生活化的教学氛围,使教学与生活融为一体,发挥幼儿的主体性,培养幼儿对英语学习的兴趣。本文在探讨幼儿园实施生活化英语教学依据的基础上,以小牛津幼儿园为例,调查英语教学生活化存在的问题,针对问题提出重视幼儿英语交际能力的教学目标,提高英语教师的专业素质等策略。以期对改善幼儿英语教育有一定的帮助,引起相关人员对幼儿园英语教育的思考。 The life-oriented English teaching of kindergarten emphasizes that the teaching content comes from life; at the same time it in turn benefits the life, and then forms a life-oriented teaching at-mosphere, so as to make an integration between teaching and life, develop child initiative, and cultivate child interest of English learning. This paper discusses the basis of performing life- oriented English teaching, taking Little Oxford Kindergarten in Qinhuangdao for example, and investigates existential questions about life-oriented English teaching. Aimed at the problems, this paper offers feasibility strategies, which mainly include paying attention to the teaching goal of English communicative competence, improving the professional quality of English teachers, and so forth. We expect it is helpful to improve child English education, and make those involved consider the kindergarten English education.