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詹恂, 彭娟. SNS用户自我表露特征调查[J]. 新闻界, 2010, 6(12): 62.


  • 标题: 微信朋友圈使用行为中的自我表露研究The Research of Self-Disclosure in the Usage of WeChat Moments

    作者: 钟亚杉

    关键字: 大学生, 微信使用行为, 微信朋友圈, 自我表露University Student, WeChat Behaviors, WeChat Moments, Self-Disclosure

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.5 No.5, 2016-11-17

    摘要: 文章基于自我表露的相关理论,以互联网环境下的自我表露为背景,通过问卷调查的方法对A市Z大学的171名在校大学生及研究生进行调查,考察不同的人口统计学特征以及不同的微信朋友圈使用情况对其在微信朋友圈中自我表露的程度是否存在影响。研究结果显示,人口统计学特征中的性别、年龄、出生类别和家庭所在地对其朋友圈的表露程度有影响;而微信朋友圈的好友数、状态形式对其在朋友圈的表露程度也有影响;还指出在微信朋友圈的自我表露不仅仅能够拓展和强化自己的人际关系网,同时也能够作为自己在现实生活中自我表露的补充,帮助自己疏导情绪,释放压力。 Based on the theory of self-disclosure and under the background of Internet self-disclosure environment, we investigate 171 college student and postgraduate through questionnaire from the University of Z in city A to analyze whether different demographic characteristics and different usage of WeChat Moments will influence people’s self-disclosure in some ways. This study shows that demographic characteristics of gender, age, place of birth and the home have an impact on the degree of self-disclosure in their WeChat Moments and the number of WeChat friends and the different kinds of status also have effects. Meanwhile, self-disclosure in WeChat Moments can not only expand and strengthen its network of relationships, but also can be a complement to self- disclosure in real life, helping ease the emotion and release the pressure.