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Lang, X., Ji, H., Chen, C., et al. (2011) ChemInform Abstract: Selective Formation of Imines by Aerobic Photocatalytic Oxidation of Amines on TiO2. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 50, 3934-3937. https:/


  • 标题: EDTA-2Na和醋酸铜对Cu2S薄膜水热原位合成及光催化性能的影响Effects of EDTA-2Na and Copper Acetate on In-Situ Hydrothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Performances of Cu2S Films

    作者: 冯冰, 刘劲松, 李子全, 毛安雯, 王远东, 陈龙, 王启丽泰, 杨慧敏, 陈建康, 张朔

    关键字: Cu2S薄膜, 水热法原位制备, 光催化性能Cu2S Films, In-Situ Hydrothermal Synthesis, Photocatalytic Performances

    期刊名称: 《Material Sciences》, Vol.6 No.6, 2016-11-22

    摘要: 本文以硫脲为硫源采用水热法在铜片表面原位制备出Cu2S薄膜材料,采用XRD、SEM以及ABIOS表面光度仪等多种表征手段,分别考察了表面活性剂EDTA-2Na和醋酸铜对Cu2S薄膜晶体结构、形貌及表面粗糙度的影响,并进一步研究了不同条件下所得薄膜的光催化性能。结果表明,醋酸铜能够抑制Cu2S晶体树枝状生长,在降低薄膜表面粗糙度的同时也降低了薄膜的密实性;醋酸铜和表面活性剂共同作用能够在一定程度上提高晶体的致密性;只加入表面活性剂EDTA-2Na所获得的薄膜的光催化性能最好,对亚甲基蓝在80 min的光催化降解效率可达92.8%,主要是由于薄膜表面Cu2S分布均一、颗粒尺寸较小导致。 Cu2S films were synthesized on copper foil by the hydrothermal method with Tu as sulfur source. Effects of EDTA-2Na and copper acetate on the crystal structure, surface and cross morphology, and roughness of the films were studied by X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and ABIOS profilometer. Photocatalytic performances of the different samples were also investigated by degrading methylene blue. Results show that copper acetate can inhibit growth of the dendritic structure, and the surface roughness and the density of the films are reduced. Com-bination of EDTA-2Na and copper acetate can improve the density of the film. Additionally, the op-timal photocatalytic performance of theCu2S films by EDTA-2Na was obtained, and the degradation efficiency was achieved to 92.8% in 80 min. This is mainly because that the particles of on surface of theCu2S film are small and well-distributed.