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韩萌. 我国高校学生社团存在的问题与对策分析[J]. 法制与经济, 2014(399): 123-124.


  • 标题: 新形势下高校学生团队自主管理实现模式探索—以岭南师范学院为例An Investigation into the Implementation Mode of Autonomous Management of College Student Teams under the New Age—Taking Lingnan Normal University as an Example

    作者: 吕利珊, 唐洪浪, 黄展

    关键字: 高校, 学生团队, 自主管理, 模式, 探索College, Student Team, Autonomous Management, Mode, Investigation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.5 No.5, 2016-11-28

    摘要: 大学生团队是葆有生机、激情活力的学生组织,是高校活跃的分子,反映着高校的文化内涵和人文精神,良好的学生团队建设,对促进和谐校园建设、团队发展、学生成才有着积极的作用;发挥好学生团队作用,实现其自主管理能力,是学生团队健康发展的关键。通过文献资料法,针对高校学生团队自主管理的实现模式进行了深入研究和探索:从自上而下重视学生团队探寻自主管理模式的观念和意识;通过制定清晰、明确的团队终极目标;积极优良的团队文化传统;严明的团队管理制度;科学合理的人才选拔机制等四步走科学路径进而实现学生团队自主管理创新模式;以期为高校学生团队自主管理体系构建提供理论指导和经验借鉴。 College student teams are energetic and enthusiastic student organizations in colleges. As active elements in colleges, the student teams represent the cultural connotations and human spirit of the colleges they belong to. The construction of good college student teams can promote the construction of harmonious campus, the development of different associations and the physical and mental growth of students. To give full play to the role of college student teams to help them implement the autonomous management mode is the key to the healthy development of the teams. By using the method of literature consultation, this paper makes a deep investigation into the implementation mode of autonomous management of college student teams, proposing a step-by- step solution to implementing the mode from four aspects: making clear ultimate objectives for the teams, developing the teams fine spirit, executing strict regulations for team management, and adopting scientific mechanisms for selecting talents. The paper is aimed to provide theoretic guidance and practical reference for the construction of the autonomous management system of college student teams.