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张志英, 姜汉桥, 丁美爱. 聚合物注入能力的实验研究[J]. 实验力学, 2009, 24(1): 8-12.


  • 标题: 渤海A油田聚合物驱注入能力变化规律研究The Variation Rule of Polymer Flooding Injectability of Oilfield A in Bohai Area

    作者: 石爻, 康晓东, 谢晓庆, 何春百

    关键字: 渤海油田, 聚合物驱, 注聚能力, 无量纲产液指数Bohai Oilfield, Polymer Flooding, Polymer Injection Capacity, Dimensionless Liquid Production Index

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Oil and Gas Technology》, Vol.38 No.4, 2016-12-15

    摘要: 以渤海A油田为例,通过对渤海A油田的转注聚时机、地层物性、聚合物类型等动静态资料整理及归纳,分析获得渤海A油田注入能力的变化规律。渤海A油田转注聚后注聚井的平均视吸水指数下降幅度为36.9%,且转注聚时机越晚,油田地层系数越大,注入聚合物浓度越低,聚驱阶段的注入能力越强。并根据注采平衡条件下,无量纲产液指数曲线在不同含水下的产液能力反映注聚井的注入能力,利用无量纲产液指数法对此规律进行了验证。研究结果对注聚油田的方案编制及动态分析具有一定的指导意义。 By taking Oilfield A in Bohai Area for instance, by summarizing the dynamic and static data of the time of polymer flooding, physical property of formation, the type of polymer in Oilfield A, the variation rules of polymer flooding injectability transferred from water flooding in the oilfield were analyzed. The analysis showed that the average apparent water index of injection well declined 36.9% after polymer flooding in the oilfield. The later the time was for polymer flooding, the higher the formation coefficient was; the lower the concentration was for the polymer flooding, the higher the capacity for polymer flooding was. Also because dimensionless liquid production index curve in different water contents can reflect the polymer injection capacity under the condition of injection-production balance, the method of dimensionless liquid production index is used to verify the accuracy of the variation rule. The results are of practical significance for scheme design and dynamic analysis of the polymer injection oilfields.