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程相伟. 92例开放性胫腓骨骨折的诊治体会[J]. 中国医学创新, 2009, 6(4): 32-33.


  • 标题: 带血管蒂腓骨移植治疗复杂性严重胫骨粉碎性骨折及骨缺损 Complicated Severe Comminuted Tibia Fracture and Bone Defects Repaired by Fibula Transplantation with Vascular (FTV)

    作者: 傅晨, 张明建, 杨成勇, 潘晓瑾, 陆长美, 张建民, 王金光

    关键字: 腓骨移植, 胫腓骨骨折 Fibula Transplantation; Tibia and Fibula Fracture

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Surgery》, Vol.1 No.2, 2012-09-26

    摘要: 目的:探索带血管蒂腓骨移植治疗复杂性严重胫骨粉碎性骨折及骨缺损的可行性和疗效。方法:采用取同侧带血管蒂腓骨转位移植或取对侧带血管蒂腓骨游离移植方式修复胫骨粉碎性骨折及骨缺损共48例,均一期手术处理。结果:本组经2~3年随访,优35例,良10例,中2例,差1例。结论:处理复杂性严重胫骨粉碎性骨折及骨缺损,应高度重视一期腓骨移植的重要性。带血管蒂腓骨移植一期修复胫骨骨缺损具有可行性,但其骨愈合时间普遍较长。 Objective: To explore the availability and curative effect of the reconstruction through Fibula Transplanta- tion with Vascular (FTV) in the cases of complicated severe comminuted tibia fracture and bone defects. Methods: 48 cases of complicated severe comminuted tibia fracture and bone defects were repaired by homopleural FTV transplanta- tion and contralateral free FTV transplantation. All cases were treated by primary operations. Results: The follow-up ranged from 2 to 3 years. Excellent results were obtained in 35 cases, good in 10, fair in 2, and poor in 1 case. Conclu- sions: To treat complicated severe comminuted tibia fracture and bone defects, the primary FTV should be attached great importance to. There are positive availabilities in the reconstructions of tibia bone defects with primary FTV. But the time of bone union was rather longer.