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张雪英, 黎颖治. 生态系统服务功能与可持续发展[J]. 生态学报, 2004, 23(3): 286-288.


  • 标题: 基于函数调控的生态经济系统动态模拟分析 Dynamic Simulation Analysis of Ecological Economic System Based on the Functional Control

    作者: 李秋

    关键字: 生态经济系统, 利润函数, 成本函数, 经济因素, 动态模拟 Ecological Economic System; Revenue Function; Cost Function; Economic Factor; Dynamic Simulation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Applied Mathematics》, Vol.2 No.2, 2013-05-23

    摘要: 本文针对维持生态经济系统平衡发展的问题,提出建立利润函数与成本函数的想法,使得经济活动的开展受到成本与利润的共同控制。随后将经济活动中的种植和养殖活动在t*时刻同时停止,并维持它们现有值不变,同时通过加入捕猎活动自身经济因素对其执行的影响,在时刻,让荒地面积与捕猎活动占有的面积进行了合理的交换。此外,通过动态模拟,研究了上述三项人类活动对生态经济系统服务总功能的影响,得出生态经济系统总服务功能可在各个周期内实现维持在一定范围内的周期性的变化。由此保证了生态经济系统的平衡发展。This article focuses on the issues about maintaining the balanced development in ecosystem. A revenue function and a cost function are proposed, which causes the development of economic activities being under the control of cost and revenue. We stop the planting and cultivating activities that included in economical activity at t* moment, and remain their existing values unchanged, while we add into the influence on self-implement from hunting’s economic factors. At moment, a reasonable exchange is conducted between the wilderness area and the area that occupied by hunting activity. Moreover, we study the influence that the three human activities above over the total service function of ecological economical system based on a dynamic simulation. It reveals that the total service function of ecological economical system can realize a periodical change that keeping in a certain range in each cycles, which ensures the balanced development of the ecological economic system.