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Postma, G. (1990) Depositional Architecture and Facies of River and Fan Deltas: A Synthesis. Coarse-Grained Deltas, 10, 13-27.


  • 标题: 扇三角洲沉积研究现状The Current Situation of Fan Delta Sedimentary Research

    作者: 孔令华, 冯强汉, 陈龙, 邵燕林, 胡忠贵

    关键字: 扇三角洲, 岩石相, 沉积相, 源汇思想Fan Delta, Lithofacies, Sedimentary Facies, Idea of Source to Sink

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Oil and Gas Technology》, Vol.39 No.3, 2017-06-15

    摘要: 目前扇三角洲研究程度不断加深,在文献调研基础上,对扇三角洲术语体系,水动力机制,沉积相、岩石相及层序特征、沉积模式等方面的研究进展做了介绍。扇三角洲分类角度有构造背景、供源体系、坡降、河口作用、成因–结构等方面。以牵引流、重力流双重水动力机制为特征,阵发性流水作用突出;坡度和搬运颗粒粒径成正相关体现地形坡度的重要性。根据岩石学特征对岩石相进行精细划分,加强沉积相和岩石相的联系和匹配关系;源汇思想结合了地貌、沉积学、盆地分析,对扇三角洲沉积物剥蚀、搬运和沉积的沉积动力学过程进行整体分析,提高储层预测精度。 With the increasingly deepening of the study in fan delta, the study of terminology, the mechanism of hydrodynamic force, sedimentary facies, litho facie sand sequence stratigraphic characteristics and sedimentary pattern in fan delta were introduced based on literature investigations. The fan delta classification included tectonic setting, source supply system, gradient, channel mouth processes and texture-genetic classification. Traction current and gravity flow were alternated in hydrodynamics of fan delta, paroxysmal water flow was severe. Gradient and the diameter of transported particle size were positively correlated which showed the significance of gradient. According to petrological characteristics, a fine partition is performed on lithologic facies; the matching relation between sedimentary facies and lithofacies is strengthened; the idea of source to sink is combined with geomorphology, sedimentology, and basin analysis to provide a holistic analysis of the dynamic process of erosion, transportation of the deposition of fan delta; therefore the precision of reservoir prediction is improved.