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J, Logan, J. Jenny. Qualitative analysis of patients’ work during mechanical ventilation and weaning. Heart & Lung, 1997, 26(2): 140-147.


  • 标题: 照顾一位吸入性肺炎病患多次脱离呼吸器失败之临床护理经验Clinical Nursing Experience for an Aspiration Pneumonia Patient with Several Times Venweaning Failure

    作者: 颜彩秀, 董道兴

    关键字: 吸入性肺炎, 脱离呼吸器失败, 护理经验Aspiration Pneumonia; Venweaning Failure; Nursing Experience

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Clinical Medicine》, Vol.1 No.2, 2011-09-28

    摘要: 本病例报告在描述一位因吸入性肺炎导致呼吸衰竭合并使用呼吸器患者,多次脱离呼吸器失败的照护经验。护理期间自2007年3月6日至3月26日,运用戈登十一项功能健康型态评估,确立个案有低效性呼吸型态、身体活动功能障碍、呼吸道清除功能失效、及焦虑。针对其护理问题,分别提供适当且具个别性的护理照顾,协助个案在使用呼吸器情况下,能利用有效的咳嗽及呼吸肌训练,以清除呼吸道分泌物并维持正常呼吸型态,协助个案在无法脱离呼吸器之现况下获得良好的照护质量。This case report describes a nursing experience for an aspiration pneumonia patient with several times venweaning failure. The duration of nursing care was between March 6 and March 26, 2007. Based on Gordon’s functional health assessment, the case’s health problems included ineffective breathing patterns, physical activity dysfunction, ineffective airway clearance, and anxiety. For its nursing problem provided ap-propriate nursing care. To help the case use of respirators circumstances and take an effective cough and res-piratory muscle training in order to clear the respiratory secretions and maintain a normal breathing pattern. To help the case from the ventilator not be obtained the status of a good quality of care.