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De Gunnar, B., Carlos, S., Reinheimer, D., et al. (2008) Flexible Cement Improves Wellbore Integrity for Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) Wells. SPE117859.


  • 标题: 高温高密度页岩气固井技术研究及应用Research and Application of Cementing Technology for High Temperature and High Density Shale Gas

    作者: 周福新, 王晓亮, 宋建建

    关键字: 页岩气, 固井, 高温高密度, 韧性水泥浆Shale Gas, Cementing, High Temperature and High Density, Toughness Cement Slurry

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Oil and Gas Technology》, Vol.39 No.4, 2017-08-15

    摘要: 随着页岩气井勘探开发的不断深入,深层页岩气勘探开发技术成为技术人员的研究重点。深层页岩气普遍存在的高温、高密度等地质特征对现有钻完井技术尤其是固井技术无疑是个挑战。如何提高深层页岩气井的固井质量,是深层页岩气井勘探开发成功的关键。通过系统分析深层页岩气井固井过程中所面临的难题和挑战,提出了提高深层页岩气井固井质量的5项技术措施。将该技术措施与现场井况相结合,应用于深层页岩气井产层固井作业中,72 h候凝测井显示固井质量优质。 With the continuous deepening of exploration and development of shale gas wells, the deep shale gas exploration and development technology has become the focus of technical personnel. The deep shale gas was commonly characterized by high temperature, high density and other geological features, which was undoubtedly a challenge in existing drilling and well completion technology, especially in cementing technology. How to improve the cementing quality of deep shale gas wells was the key to the success of exploration and development in deep shale gas wells. In this paper, five technical measures are proposed to improve the quality of cementing of deep shale gas wells by analyzing the problems and challenges in the cementing process. In combination with the field conditions and the technical measures, the technology is applied to the cementing operation of deep shale gas wells; 72 hours curing well logging shows that the quality of cementing is good.