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周秀梅. 美国高等教育培养目标下的课程设置之研究[D]. 湖南师范大学, 2007.


  • 标题: 欧美高等教育学习结果比较研究A Study on Comparison Learning Outcomes in Higher Education in Europe and America

    作者: 程海霞

    关键字: 欧美, 高等教育, 学习结果, 比较The EU and the United States; Higher Education; Learning Outcomes; Comparison

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.1 No.3, 2011-10-27

    摘要: 自20世纪80年代,学习结果作为保证高等教育质量的重要准则引起了一些国家的关注。时至今日,学习结果仍然是一个新课题并被不断的完善。其中欧盟和美国是在学习结果的制定和应用方面做得最好的国家,它们都形成了自己独特的经验和模式。但是作为两个国情不同的地区和国家,它们在学习结果制定的背景、学习结果的界定以及学习结果的应用等方面除了共性外,还有着各自的特点,对二者进行比较研究对于我们进一步理解学习结果具有非常重要的意义。 Learning outcomes, as important guidelines to ensure quality of higher education, has raised some national concerns since 80 years of the 20th century. Today, learning outcomes is still a new subject and is constantly improving. The EU and the United States in the development and application of learning outcomes is doing their best, and they have formed their own unique experiences and models. But as two region and country with different conditions, they have their characteristics in the backgrounds definitions development and application of learning outcomes besides of common ones. Doing comparative study on the both for fur-thering our understanding of learning outcomes is very meaningful.