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刘云衫. 学校生活社会学[M]. 南京: 南京师范大学出版社, 2000: 151.


  • 标题: 农村小学高段学校场域中性别角色教育问题探究The Probing into Gender Role Education Problems in the High Segment of Village Primary School Region

    作者: 魏登尖

    关键字: 农村, 小学高段, 学校场域, 性别角色教育, 无性别化Village; High Segment of Village Primary School; School Region; Gender Role Education; No-Genderalization

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.1 No.3, 2011-10-27

    摘要: :以田野考察为方法,实地考察农村小学高段学校场域中的性别角色教育。学校教育对性别角色教育的忽视,评价体系的阴柔化倾向,制度规约下无性别差异的教育,教师学生的性别刻板印象及传统文化理念的消解与断裂等对学生的性别角色发展产生了巨大影响,造成了“男生弱势”、性别歧视、无性别化、中性化等性别教育问题。应在“位育”思想下重建学校性别角色教育文化,关注学生性别角色的差异性发展,促进教师性别差异理念的教育实践,通过实行双性化教育、因性施教等来实践教育性别平等,达致“安所遂生”。 Making an on-the-spot investigation on gender role education problems in the high segment of vil-lage primary school region by adopting field investigations. Many factors have exerted a great influence on the gender role development of students, including neglecting gender role education in school education, feminine tendency of evaluate system, no gender difference education under stipulating and restricting of system, teach-ers and students’ gender role stereotyping and eliminating and fracturing of traditional cultural concept ect. These caused gender education problems, such as “boy vulnerable”, sexual discrimination, no-genderalization and gender-neutralization. We should rebuild school gender role education as well as focusing on gender role differential development of students with the social adjustment concept, in order to promote the practice of teachers’ gender differential concept. Putting gender equity education into practice through dual-gender educa-tion and education that carry out according to gender, then to make education adjust properly.