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张冬梅, 刘金菊. 中美比较教育研究的文献分析[J]. 比较教育研究, 2000, S1: 6-9.


  • 标题: 中国比较教育的发展现状分析Analysis on the Development Status of Chinese Comparative Education

    作者: 高东慧

    关键字: 中国比较教育, 学科制度, 学术研究, 发展现状Chinese Comparative Education; Disciplinary Institution; Academic Study; Development Status.

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.1 No.3, 2011-10-27

    摘要: 近年来,中国比较教育学取得了一定的发展。主要表现在学科制度的成形和学术研究成果的涌现两方面。学科制度方面,有关师范大学普遍开设了比较教育课程,拥有专业的学术团体、组织并创办了比较教育学术期刊,同时还持续稳定举办了全国性的学术年会。学术研究成果不断,本文对比较教育核心期刊《比较教育研究》2005至2009年五年刊登的论文进行了分析研究,最后得出结论,第一,中国比较教育在地域上涉及多个国家和地区,包括发达国家和发展中国家,另外,对欧盟、非盟的教育也加以关注,第二,研究专题上以高等教育、课程教学为热点,出现了很多新的诸如留学教育等教育主题,第三,学科建设有了很大进步。 Chinese comparative education has made great progress recently in disciplinary institutions and academic studies. In disciplinary institutions, there’re subject courses of comparative education in concerned normal colleges, the academic society and journals have also been established, and annual comparative educa-tion meetings are organized by some scholars. In academic studies, this paper analyzes the “comparative edu-cation”, which is the core journal of comparative education finally we have the following conclusion. First, many papers refer to more than one hundred countries and areas in field, including developed countries and developing countries, what’s more, some scholars pay attention to European and African education. Second, the higher education, curriculum and teaching are also the themes that are emphasized, at the same time, the abroad education is another theme in papers. Third, the discipline construction has become an important part.