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王国建, 程同锦, 汤玉平, 等, 地表化探中甲烷稳定碳同位素的应用及存在问题[J]. 物探与化探, 2008, 32(5): 550-551.


  • 标题: 实时同位素录井在预测油气藏中的应用The Application of Real-Time Isotope Logging in Reservoir Prediction

    作者: 倪朋勃, 毛敏, 黄小刚, 袁胜斌

    关键字: 实时同位素录井, 碳同位素, 天然气成因, 油气藏预测Real-time Isotope Logging, Carbonate Isotope, Gas Genesis, Reservoir Prediction

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Oil and Gas Technology》, Vol.39 No.5, 2017-10-15

    摘要: 斯伦贝谢公司实时同位素录井技术可以实时检测甲烷气体中的碳同位素(δ13C1),该技术具有实时、快速、测量精度高、适于现场作业等优点,已经在中海油湛江和深圳分公司大面积推广使用。通过分析δ13C1及气体组分数据,可以对全井的天然气成因进行分析;利用δ13C1结合δ13C1-Ro回归方程式,判断储集层内的天然气类型。LW3X2井和BY16X1井同处于白云凹陷边缘带,通过对比BY16X1井和LW3X2井δ13C1,可以预测下伏油气藏,拓展了同位素在勘探中的应用。实时同位素录井开辟了录井技术的新领域,同位素为天然气的研究和勘探提供了大量的信息,该技术将会在未来油气勘探过程中发挥更加重要的作用。 The real-time isotope logging technology from Schlumberger could be used for a real-time detection of δ13C1 in methane gas, it was characterized by real-time and quick usage, high precision and suitable for field application, it was widely applied in Zhanjiang and Shenzhen Companies of CNOOC. The natural gas genesis of the whole well was studied by analyzing δ13C1 and gas composition data, the gas type in the reservoir was identified by using δ13C1 data and in combination with δ13C1-Ro regression equation. Well LW3X2 and Well BY16X1 are located on the margin of Baiyun Depression, by comparing δ13C1 in the 2 wells the underlying hydrocarbon could be predicted to expand the application of the isotope logging in exploration. The real-time isotope logging cultivates a new area of logging technology, and large number of data are provided by isotope for natural gas study, it is of great significance for future oil and gas exploration.