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余新科, 蔡敏, 倪燕等. 适应开放式教学需要, 改革实践教学管理模式[J]. 高等理科教育, 2005, 4: 84-86.


  • 标题: 旅游管理专业开放式实践教学动力探析Study on Motivity of Opening Practical Teaching in Tourism Management

    作者: 廖继武, 杨衍江

    关键字: 开放式实践教学, 教学动力, 动力制约, 动力培育, 旅游管理专业Opening Practical Teaching; Teaching Motivity; Motivity Constraint; Motivity Cultivating; Tourism Management Major

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.2 No.3, 2012-07-16

    摘要: 旅游管理专业开放式实践教学的重要作用已为人所知晓,但其并未得到推广与普及,原因在于学生、教师到学校三个层面都存在一些因素制约其发展,使旅游管理专业开放式实践教学的动力不足。动力培育需要帮助学生克服畏难心理,并适当激励使之明确学习目标;需要消除教师的担忧,明确实践教学的益处,并解决个人能力不足等问题;需要学校树立重“术”的办学理念,改变传统观念,实行多学科交叉人才培养模式等。 The important role of opening practical teaching has been known by most people, but it hasn’t been promotion and popularization. One of the reasons is that there are some factors restricting the development of the opening practical teaching from three levels, i.e., student, teacher and school, which make that the motivity of the opening practical teaching is lack. Motivity cultivating, for students, need help them to overcome their fear on hardship that they face, make them know their learning objectives and incent them appropriately; for teachers, need eliminate their worries, know the benefits of the opening practical teaching and help them enhance their ability; for school, need it establish the educational philosophy that technique is important, change its traditional concept and implement multidisciplinary training mode.