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H. W. Yang. A road to future broadband wireless access: MIMO-OFDM-based air interface. IEEE Communications Ma- gazine, 2005, 43(1): 53-60.


  • 标题: 从统计数据浅析信息论与编码的教与学 The Fundamental Analysis for Teaching and Studying of Information Theory and Coding Based on Statistics*

    作者: 倪梁方

    关键字: 信息论与编码, 教学效果, 统计数据 Information Theory and Coding; Teaching Effectiveness; Statistics

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.2 No.4, 2012-10-31

    摘要: 信息论与编码是通信工程的核心专业基础课之一。针对该课程需学生兼具广泛数学理论与工程实际背景的特点和学生的现状,从理论教学的目的和内容出发,探讨了由点而面、书本知识结合信息科学发展的教学方法。统计数据表明:授课条理清晰、逻辑推理严谨、多与学生交流,把握学生的学习动态,促使教与学互动是教学效果不断提高的关键。 The Information Theory and Coding is one of the core professional basic courses to the major of communication engineering. From points to face, the teaching methods of book knowledge combined with the development of information science, based on the purpose and content of the theoretical teaching and studying, are analyzed according to the characteristics that the students must be with both wide range of mathematical theory and engineering background and the status of the students. The statistics show that the key to continu- ously improve teaching effectiveness is the clear teaching, strictly logical reasoning, exchanging with students, grasping the dynamics of student learning and promoting the teaching and learning interaction.