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韩锋. 360度绩效考核在高校辅导员绩效管理中的应用[J]. 高校辅导员学科, 2011, 5: 12-14.


  • 标题: 高职高专院校辅导员职业认同感探析与对策路径 Occupation Identity and Countermeasures of Instructor on Higher Vocational College

    作者: 韩锋

    关键字: 高职高专院校, 辅导员, 职业认同感 Higher Vocational Colleges; Counselor; Occupation Identity

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-04-30

    摘要: 高校辅导员是大学生思政教育的主体力量,是大学生日常服务与管理的直接承担者与实施者,对于大学生的成长与成才扮演着重要角色,发挥重要的作用。由于社会现状以及自身认知等原因,高校辅导员职业认同感不一,职责定位不明确,特别是高职高专院校的特殊性与层级性,辅导员的职业认同感亟待培养与关注,寻求相关路径进行解决具有理论研究价值以及现实参鉴意义。College counselors are the main force of ideological and political education of college students, who is the directly responsible for the university students on daily service and management. They play an important role for the growth and development of college students. Because of the social status and cognitive reasons, college counselors occupation identity is not a duty, the positioning problem is not clear, especially the particularity of Higher Vocational Colleges and hierarchy, identity of instructor occupation to cultivate and seek attention have theoretical research value and realistic reference meaning.