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铁路第六次大提速4月18日零时正式实施[URL], 2007.


  • 标题: 动车原理迁移课堂教学的实践研究 Practical Research of Motor Principle in Class Teaching

    作者: 佟元之, 徐晓梅, 高青

    关键字: 动车组原理, 迁移教学, 设计策略, 高效课堂 Motor Principle; Migration Teaching; Design Strategy; Efficient Classroom

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-04-30

    摘要: 动车原理迁移教学是一种新型的教学模式,它强调以全体学生发展为本,让每一个学生都动起来,参与到学习问题的讨论和解决之中,充分调动其认知投入和情感投入,激起学生的“生命活力”和“课堂效率”,构建起高效课堂。在本文中,笔者从动车原理迁移课堂教学设计模型,教学设计策略等方面进行了论述,旨在寻找低效教学行为的“致命因子”,构建高效课堂,提高课堂教学效率。Motor principle migration teaching is a new teaching model, which emphasizes on the development of the whole students, so that every student will have to join in the learning problems. It would fully mobilize the students’ cognitive and emotional investment, arouse their “vitality” and “classroom efficiency” and construct effective classroom. In this paper, the author discusses from the multiple principle migration classroom teaching design model, teaching strategy and other aspects, aiming to find the “lethal factor” of inefficient teaching behavior and effective points of developing classroom teaching to construct efficient classroom and improve the classroom teaching efficiency.