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G. J. Hong, X. Y. Xue, Y. B. Mao, L. J. Wang and X. Y. Chen. Arabidopsis MYC2 interacts with DELLA proteins in regulating sesquiterpene synthase gene expression. Plant Cell Online, 2012, 24(6): 2635-2648.


  • 标题: 丹参中丹参酮类物质的生物合成及其调控研究进展 Biosynthesis of Tanshinone and Its Regulation in Salvia miltiorrhiza*

    作者: 杨蕾

    关键字: 丹参, 丹参酮, 次生代谢, 生物合成, 调控 Salvia miltiorrhiza; Tanshinone; Secondary Metabolism; Biosynthesis; Regulation

    期刊名称: 《Botanical Research》, Vol.2 No.3, 2013-07-11

    摘要: 丹参(Salvia miltiorrhiza)为唇形科(Labiatae)鼠尾草属常用中药,以根和根茎入药,药理学表明丹参中丹参酮类化合物对于治疗心脑血管疾病具有显著疗效。据报道丹参酮作为丹参中的次生代谢产物,其生物合成途径受到各种生物及非生物因子的诱导调控。本文综述了近年来丹参酮类物质的生物合成,对其生物合成途径中关键酶基因及其诱导调控的相关研究进行了归纳总结,并对基因工程方法来提高药用植物中有效成分的含量做出了展望。Salvia miltiorrhiza, whose root and rhizome were often used as medicine, was classified in family of Labiatae. Many studies showed that tanshinone has significant effects in cuing cardiovascular disease. As the secondary metabolites, it was reported that the biosynthesis for tanshinone was regulated by various biotic or abiotic factors. In the present article, new findings about the biosynthesis of tanshinone were discussed, many key genes in the biosynthesis pathway as well as many related investigation were summed. Moreover, a vision of futurity was also given on how to increase the product of active component from plant by gene engineering.