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P. B. Denyer, D. Renshaw, G. Wang, et al. CMOS image sensors for multimedia applications. Proceedings of the IEEE 1993 Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, San Diego, 9-12 May 1993: 11.5.1-11.5.4.


  • 标题: 云南建设智能电网的战略意义Strategic Significance of Smart Grid Construction in Yunnan

    作者: 胡雪峰, 谭向宇, 王达达, 赵现平, 高亚静, 赵盛萍, 田雷

    关键字: 智能电网, 云南电网, 战略意义Smart Grid; Yunnan Power Grid; Strategic Significance

    期刊名称: 《Smart Grid》, Vol.3 No.3, 2013-06-05

    摘要: 智能电网比常规电网更加安全可靠,可以更好地兼容可再生能源发电并网,世界各地都在规划建设智能电网。国内外电网发展趋势及云南电网面临的众多安全问题都要求云南电网加快智能电网建设。本文从能源开发需求、国家宏观政策及电力体制改革要求、优化电网运行和管理模式、电网安全需要和实现在国内省网公司中的领先地位等五方面探讨了云南电网公司建设智能电网的战略意义。Smart grid is safer and more reliable than traditional grid, and it’s more compatible for renewable energy generation, and smart grid is being in plan and construction all over the world. The development trend of power grid at home and abroad and many security problems that Yunnan Power Grid faces require Yunnan Power Grid to speed up the construction of smart grid. This article discusses the strategic significance of smart grid construction in Yunnan Power Grid in the five aspects, i.e. the energy development demand, the national macro policy and reform of the electricity management system requirements, optimization of power grid operation and management mode, the power grid security requirements and making Yunnan Power Grid achieve the leading position among all the power grids of China.