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Marian Chertow, Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy in China, International Society for Industrial Ecology Fourth International Conference[C], Canada, University of Toronto. 2007, P39


  • 标题: 国内、外生态工业园实践及理论研究进展A Review on the Practice and Research of Eco-Industrial Parks

    作者: 王震, 石磊

    关键字: 产业生态学, 生态工业园, 工业共生 Industrial Ecology; Eco-Industrial Park; Industrial Symbiosis

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Environmental Protection》, Vol.1 No.1, 2011-09-28

    摘要: 本文旨在从行动和理论两个层面,总结国内外目前生态工业园的实践现状和研究前沿。首先介绍了生态工业园的国内、外实践现状,并分析了其实践过程中面临的几个主要问题。其次,进一步结合国际产业生态学的研究动态,对生态工业园的一些新的理论研究方向,作了一系列的介绍(包括经济学、系统理论、社会学科等研究方向),并就生态工业园在实践中的几个热点方面做了归纳,其中包括概念在不同行业、区域中应用,以及在规划、政策等中的应用。最后,本文总结了几个当前生态工业园研究与应用三个的特点。 From the views at practice and theory levels, this paper is aimed to summarize the current situations of eco-industrial parks (EIP) both in and out China. Firstly, two problems are concluded from reviewing the current initiatives of EIP. Secondly, based on tracking an international conference of industrial ecology, some directions of research at theoretical level are introduced, which includes economic, systemic, and sociological aspects. Thirdly, this paper summarizes some new trends of applying EIP concept into practice, such as in planning and managing local industrial sectors with specific regional backgrounds. Finally, three characters of current research on EIP are provided.