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S. D. Choudhury, J. Mohanty, H. Pal and A. C. Bhasikuttan. Cooperative metal ion binding to a cucurbit[7]uril-thioflavin T complex: Demonstration of a stimulus-responsive fluorescent supramolecular capsule. Journal of the American Chemical So- ciety, 2010, 132(4): 1395-1404.


  • 标题: 葫芦[7]脲对孔雀石绿的包结作用及应用Inclusion Complex of Malachite Green with Cucurbit[7]uril and Detection of Malachite Green using Cucurbit[7]uril

    作者: 唐冬宝, 孙军勇, 武凯, 李涛, 周运友

    关键字: 荧光, 葫芦[7]脲, 孔雀石绿, 包结作用, 稳定常数Fluorescence; Cucurbit[7]uril; Malachite Green; Inclusion Interaction; Stability Constants of Complexation

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Analytical Chemistry》, Vol.2 No.2, 2012-05-29

    摘要: 利用荧光光谱滴定法研究孔雀石绿和葫芦[7]脲的包结作用,在一定的浓度范围内,我们发现孔雀石绿的荧光强度随着葫芦[7]脲的浓度的增加而增加,同时,最大发射峰的位置发生了一定程度的红移。我们利用了紫外–可见吸收光谱、荧光光谱、IR、1H NMR和量子化学计算等方法研究了水溶液中孔雀石绿与葫芦[7]脲之间的包结行为,探讨了MG-CB[7]的包结机理。相关的结果表明孔雀石绿与葫芦[7]之间形成1:1的包结络合物。该方法的检出限是4.2 × 10–8 mol·L–1。 The interaction between malachite green (MG) and cucurbit[7]uril (CB7) had been studied based on fluores-cence and 1H NMR spectroscopic results. The interaction mechanism was also discussed concretely based on 1H NMR results. The fluorescence intensity of malachite green (MG) enhanced strongly and a slight red shift was observed at the maximum emission peak when added into cucurbit[7]uril. We had found that the formation of the complex at a 1:1 complex stoichiometry and the association constant was calculated by applying a deduced equation. The thermody-namic parameters such as ΔH and ΔS values were obtained according to Van’t Hoff equation, respectively. We prepared the solid inclusion complex from co-evaporation method and characterised it by 1H NMR、IR. For the efficient detection of malachite green, the limit of detection was 4.2 × 10–8 mol·L–1 from our experiments which will make our method applied to detect the malachite green in sewage effectively.