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A. Schutz. The phenomenology of social world. Evanston: North- western University Press, 1982: 168.


  • 标题: 日常生活中的社会标记及其影响The Social Mark and Its Impact in Daily Life

    作者: 司汉武, 李蓓, 柯连君

    关键字: 日常生活, 人际互动, 社会标记, 社会区隔, 影响Daily Life; Interaction; Social Mark; Social Distinction; Impact

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Social Sciences》, Vol.1 No.3, 2012-12-05

    摘要: 日常生活是由非职业、非正式且充分自主的人际互动关系和内容构成的生活领域,是同个体生存直接相关,维持个体生存和再生产的各种活动的总称。社会标记是人际互动中主体划分他人所属人格和社会类型的内在意识过程。社会标记具有阶段性,具有满足安全感、社会归属和自尊需要的积极功能,也有群体同质化、影响社会冲突以及造成社会区隔的消极功能。社会标记是现代社会人们寻求自由和安全的重要途径,也是现代化对人施加的压力。社会区隔与社会标记共同构成了人类文明所难以摆脱的命运。 The daily life is a life sphere constitutes by non-professional, informal and fully autonomic interpersonal relations and its content. It is a general of various activities that directly related with individual survival, maintenance of individual survival and reproduction. The Social Mark is the conscious process that the subject divides the others according to their types of personality and society in interaction. The Social Mark has a stage, it has positive function of satisfied needs such as sense of security, social belonging and self-esteem; it also has the negative features such as homogeneous groups, affect the social conflict and social distinction. The Social Mark is an important way in which people seek freedom and security in modern society, also is pressure that it is from the modernization. The social distinction and social mark jointly constitute an awkward dilemma that the human civilization can’t get rid of.