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周琦, 赵友萍, 熊晓燕. 手术治疗特殊位置巨大子宫肌瘤3例[J]. 实用妇产科杂志, 2008, 24(3): 187-188.


  • 标题: 特殊部位子宫肌瘤的多层螺旋CT表现(附16例报告)MSCT Diagnosis of Hysteromyoma in Especial Location: Report of 16 Cases

    作者: 代燕增

    关键字: 巨大浆膜下, 宫颈, 阔韧带, 子宫肌瘤, 多层螺旋CTLarge Subserosal; Cervix; Broad Ligament; Myoma of Uterus; Spiral CT

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology》, Vol.1 No.1, 2013-03-05

    摘要: 目的:探讨特殊部位子宫肌瘤的多层螺旋CT表现及诊断价值,旨在积累经验加强对它的认识和提高诊断水平。方法:回顾性分析我院2008年1月~2012年3月经手术、病理证实的位置较特殊的子宫肌瘤16例。结果:通过对16例肌瘤形态、部位、大小及CT表现分析,诊断为浆膜下肌瘤12例,宫颈肌瘤2例,阔韧带肌瘤2例,与手术及病理结果基本一致。结论:多层螺旋CT平扫加增强扫描可以判断子宫肌瘤的来源及发生部位,明确诊断及鉴别诊断具有较高的价值,从而指导临床选择最佳手术方式。 Objective: To investigate the special site of uterine fibroids by multislice spiral CT manifestations and diag- nostic value of accumulated experience, to strengthen the understanding of it and improve the diagnostic level. Meth- ods: Retrospective analysis of our hospital in 2008 January-2012 March menstruation operation, the position of special pathology of 16 cases uterine myoma. Results: Through 16 cases myoma morphology, location, size and CT expression analysis, diagnosis of subserous myoma in 12 cases, 2 cases of cervical fibroids, broad ligament myoma in 2 cases, and the operation and pathologic findings are consistent. Conclusion: Spiral CT scanning and enhanced scan can determine the source of uterine myoma and location, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of high value, so as to guide the clinical selection of optimum operation mode.