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M. Blichert-Toft, M. Nielsen, M. During, et al. Long-term results of breast conserving surgery vs. mastectomy for early stage inva- sive breast cancer: 20-year follow-up of the Danish randomized DBCG-82TM protocol. Acta Oncologica, 2008, 47(4): 672- 681.


  • 标题: 老年女性乳腺癌临床病理特点及诊疗分析The Exploration of Clinic-Pathological Characteristics and Treatment in Elder Women with Breast Cancer

    作者: 秦立华, 祝玉祥

    关键字: 乳腺肿瘤, 外科治疗, 雌激素受体, 孕激素受体Breast Neoplasms; Surgery; Estrogen Receptors; Progestogen Receptors

    期刊名称: 《Asian Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology》, Vol.1 No.2, 2013-06-19

    摘要: 分析老年患者乳腺癌的临床病理特点,探讨适合老年乳腺癌患者治疗方案。方法:回顾性分析83例65岁以上乳腺癌患者临床病理及手术资料,并选择同期256例65岁以下患者作对照。结果:老年乳腺癌与非老年乳腺癌病理组织学类型相似。老年乳腺癌雌激素受体、孕激素受体较非老年乳腺癌高表达,Ki-67表达率较非老年乳腺癌表达率较低,老年组乳腺癌术后并发皮瓣坏死、皮下积液高于非老年乳腺癌组。老年乳腺癌患者有较高的雌激素受体、孕激素受体表达率,老年乳腺癌手术后皮下积液、皮瓣坏死发生率较高。结论:应根据老年患者临床特点选择适合的手术及手术后治疗方案,是提高老年乳腺癌患者疗效及降低并发症关键。 To discuss how to improve the effect of surgical treatment on aged women with breast cancer by analyzing the clinic-pathological characteristics of elder women with breast cancer. Methods: The clinical data of pathology and postoperative complication of 83 women with breast cancer aged more than or equal to 65 years. And 256 patients under 65 years were surveyed as control during the same period. Results: Breast cancer in aged and non-eld- erly groups had similar pathohistological types. ER and PR were found to be over-expressed in aged patients, but not in the control. No obvious correlation was seen clinical pathological stages. Elderly patients have higher expression of Ki-67 index. The main post operative complications of breast cancer in elder patients were skin-graft necrosis subcuta- neous dropsy, et al. Conclusions: Operation should be the main way of treatment in aged women with breast cancer. Sufficient preparation before operation and appropriate treatment in and after operation are the key point of therapy of old patients with breast cancer.