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王诗品. 天车: 见证千年盐都[N]. 自贡日报, 2008-04-25(4).


  • 标题: 井盐企业辊工人力资源现状调查分析——以自贡市盐业为例A Survey and Analysis on the Current Status of Well Salt Enterprise Gungong Human Resources—Take the Well Salt of Zigong City as an Illustration

    作者: 肖兴政, 刘燕

    关键字: 井盐, 天车, 辊工, 人力资源Well Salt; Overhead Crane; Gungong; Human Resources

    期刊名称: 《Modern Management》, Vol.1 No.2, 2011-07-20

    摘要: 四川省自贡市素有千年盐都之称,其井盐开采具有一千多年的历史。天车是古代采盐的重要工具,也是自贡市盐业的一个象征、城市的名片。为了保护好这一物质文化遗产,我们通过实地调查与走访,得到了自贡市现有“天车”18座,但都缺少良好的维护,其中3座损毁严重,需要及时维护;维护“天车”的“辊工”仅有10人,且年龄偏大,对天车维护困难。因产盐技术的进步,天车的作用逐渐减弱,天车的维护者辊工也逐渐减少,辊工技术面临失传。如果不加以继承与保护,不重视对辊工人力资源的开发与培养,具有象征意义的天车文化将逐渐从人们的视线中消失,那将是盐业历史文化的重大损失。 City of Zigong in Sichuan province is always known as “millennium salt city”, and the well salt mining has more than one thousand years of the history. The overhead traveling crane is not only an important tool of ancient salt mining, but also a symbol of salt industry and a card of Zigong city. In order to protect the material cultural heritage, we took through on-the-spot investigation and visit, then found that there are 18 overhead traveling crane in Zigong, but they are lack of good maintenance in which three seats were badly damaged which need to be maintained timely; there are only ten rollers worker to maintain the overhead traveling crane who are too old to protect them. Because of the technological progress of salt, the affections of the overhead traveling cranes weakened and the roller work reduced gradually then the technique of roller have to face to the extinction. If we do not inherit and conserve the technique and ignore the attentions to develop and train hu-man resources of the roller workers, the overhead traveling crane culture which has the symbolic meaning will gradually disappear in front of the sight line of the people, which will be a heavy loss upon the history and cul-ture of the salt industry.