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新疆维吾尔自治区统计局. 2009年新疆统计年鉴[M]. 北京: 中国统计出版社, 2009. Statistical Bureau of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The 2009 Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook. Beijing: China Statistics Press, 2009. (in Chinese)


  • 标题: 国民经济对水资源依赖度的估算方法及应用Study on the Calculation Method of the Dependence Degree of the National Economy on Water Resources and Its Applications

    作者: 左其亭

    关键字: 水资源, 国民经济, 依赖度, 应用实例Water Resources; National Economy; Dependence Degree; Case Study

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Water Resources Research》, Vol.1 No.3, 2012-06-27

    摘要: 本文在分析国民经济结构及其与水资源关系的基础上,提出了“国民经济对水资源依赖度”的概念;并基于国家统计年鉴和水资源公报的数据,给出了国民经济总体或某一产业、某一行业对水资源的依赖度估算方法,用“国民经济总体或某一产业、某一行业中需要引用水资源或受水资源制约的部分占总体的比例”来表征国民经济对水资源依赖度大小。以第一产业以及第一产业中的种植业为例,对全国行政分区、新疆分区、伊犁河流域分区三个不同尺度进行应用,并对估算结果作简单分析。国民经济对水资源依赖度大小的影响因素很多,主要包括:行业实际需水要求、水文气象及水资源条件、水资源开发利用难易程度、投资及劳动力条件。 On the base of briefly introducing the structure of the national economy and its connection with water resources, the concept and estimation method of dependence degree (DD) of the national economy (or an industry) on water resources is proposed in this paper. According to the data of “China Statistical Yearbook” and “China Water Resources Communique”, the values of DD is calculated and expressed as the proportion of the production values which is related to water resources. The national administration provinces, Xinjiang region and Yili river basin are selected as case studies, which represent different scales. By considering primary industry and farming sector, the dependence degree (DD) is calculated and analyzed. There are many factors, including water demand of an industry, the condition of weather and water resources, the difficulty degree of water resources exploitation and utilization, the investment and the condition of labour force, will influence the DD values.