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Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences Series. Hydro-geo- logical map of Asia. Beijing: Geological Publishing House, 1997. (in Chinese)


  • 标题: 黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域水文地质区划分析与探讨Analysis and Discussion of the Heilong River Basin Hydrogeology Regionalization

    作者: 常龙艳, 李文文, 戴长雷, 彭程

    关键字: 黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域, 水文地质, 跨国跨区, 分区Heilong River Basin; Hydrogeology; Transnational Spanned; Regionalization

    期刊名称: 《Journal of Water Resources Research》, Vol.1 No.5, 2012-10-31

    摘要: 黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域是中国重要的流域板块,跨国跨区的特殊地理位置使得黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域的国界、水权、区域水资源开发问题备受关注。早年就有许多专家学者对黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域的水文水资源、水文地理等进行研究,但由于流域地跨四国,资料收集困难,并且各国的研究程度不等,侧重方向不同,认知方面存在差异,侧重点不同,关于黑龙江流域的地下水特征分析较少。本文在综合分析了亚洲水文地质分区图和中国、蒙古、俄罗斯三国地形图和行政地理图的基础上,吸取前人在编制相关图件的经验,总结出了适合黑龙江流域水文地质分区图的编制原则与方法,并将黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域划分出9个水文地质区。根据此划分结果可对黑龙江(阿穆尔河)流域进行水文地质分区图的绘制。流域水文地质分区图可集中反应不同地区地下水赋存状态和含水层内外部特征和空间分布规律,为今后更加深入的开展水文地质条件的分析和专门问题的研究提供依据和开拓道路。 Heilong River Basin is an important plate in China, it transnational spanned special geographical situation make Heilong River’s national boundaries, water rights, regional water resources development is-sues receives much concern. There are many experts and scholars conduct a study on the Heilong River Basin hydrology and water resources and hydro-geological. Very few groundwater characteristics analysis on this basin is available due to the difficulties of data collection etc. This article based on the comprehensive analy-sis of hydrogeological maps of Asia and topographic maps and the geographic map of China, Mongolia, and Russia. Gain from others’ experiences in the preparation of the relevant map, the Heilong River Basin hydro-geology regionalization map is given. Hydrological geological response in the partition map can be set in different parts of occurrence of groundwater and aquifers within the external characteristics and spatial dis-tribution, for more in-depth analysis on hydrogeological conditions in the future and to provide a basis for research on expertise and open up the roads.