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A. M. Maia, A. R. Baby, W. J. Yasaka, et al. Validation of HPLC stability-indicating method for vitamin C in semisolid pharmaceutical/cosmetic preparations with glutathione and sodium metabisulfite, as antioxidants. Talanta, 2007, 71:639-643.


  • 标题: 食品与药品中维生素C含量的检测方法进展Research Progress in Development of the Determination Methods of Vitamine C in Food and Pharmaceuticals

    作者: 朱宏亮, 戴火锋, 汪凯闰, 姚屠鹏, 张蕴, 沈昊宇

    关键字: 维生素C, 食品与药品, 检测方法, 综述Vitamin C; Food and Pharmaceuticals; Determination Method; Review

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Analytical Chemistry》, Vol.3 No.2, 2013-09-16

    摘要: 维生素C是人体不可缺少的营养物质之一,人体主要通过新鲜水果、蔬菜或药片来获取或补充维生素C。因此维生素C的含量成为评价食品营养价值和药品质量的重要标准之一。随着对食品安全的日益关心,食品营养中维生素C和医药品的定量分析已经吸引了越来越多的关注。近年来食品与药品中维生素C的检测方法发展较为迅速,主要有滴定分析法、光度法、电化学法、化学发光法、流动注射法、液相色谱法以及原子吸收间接法等。本文对比总结了这些方法的原理、特点以及应用范围,讨论了方法的优缺点,以期为选择合适的检测方法提供一定的参考。 Vitamin C is necessary to the growth and metabolism for human beings. Vitamin C is mainly from fruits, vegetables and medicine, so it is one of the important standards to evaluate the quality of the food nutrition and medicine. With the growing concern of food safety, the quantitative analysis of vitamin C in food nutrition and pharmaceuticals has attracted more and more attention. In recent years, determination techniques of vitamin C in food and pharma- ceuticals have been developed rapidly, including titrimetric method, spectrophotometric method, electrochemical me- thod, chemiluminescence method, flow injection analysis, liquid chromatography and indirect atomic adsorption me- thods, etc. In this work, some principles, characteristic and the recent progress of reported methods have been summarized and compared.