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朱高峰. 工程教育中的几个理念问题[J]. 高等工程教育研究, 2011, 1.


  • 标题: 让石油与天然气工程领域专业学位研究生培养成为石油工程师成长的摇篮 Let Professional Degrees Graduate Education for Oil and Gas Engineering Become the Cradle for the Birth and Growth of Petroleum Engineers

    作者: 刘志斌, 刘清友

    关键字: 专业学位, 研究生培养, 石油工程, 工程师素质 Professional Degree; Graduate Students Training; Petroleum Engineering; Engineer Quality

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.3 No.4, 2013-09-25

    摘要: 针对我国目前全日制专业学位研究生培养现状,本文通过对石油企业工程技术人才需求分析,明确了石油企业需要的四个层次专业技术人才类型,分析了石油高校针对石油企业培养工程技术人才的目标定位,研究了石油工程师应具备的素质,指明了石油与天然气工程领域专业学位研究生培养应成为石油工程师成长的摇篮,石油企业对其它类型人才的需求应由其它类型的学生培养。并以此为目标拟定了石油与天然气工程领域专业学位研究生培养方案,探索了培养石油工程师的四种主要培养模式。通过石油与天然气工程领域专业学位研究生培养试点探索与总结,为不同类型研究生培养不同社会需求人才提供有益的经验。In this paper, through analyzing the engineering and technical personnel needs of petroleum enter- prise, four types of professional and technical personnel of petroleum enterprises are in urgent need, consid- ering the training status of the fulltime postgraduates with professional degree. By analyzing the training tar- get of engineering and technical personnel in petroleum enterprises for petroleum colleges and universities, qualities of petroleum engineers are studied. Those professional degrees graduate education for oil and gas engineering become the cradle for the birth and the growth of petroleum engineers is specified; and that the oil companies demand for other types of talent should be cultivated by other types of students. Postgraduate education programs of oil and gas engineering are studied out based on the above-mentioned contents. Four major training modes of petroleum engineering are explored. Through exploration and summary of pro- fessional degrees graduate trainings for oil and gas engineering, desirable experiences of different types of postgraduate training and different social demand for talent can be obtained.