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L. Johnson, S. Adams, M. Cummins, et al. The NMC Horizon Report: 2013 Higher Education Edition. 2013.


  • 标题: 网络公开课:世界范围内的知识网络与学科智库 MOOCs: Worldwide Knowledge Network and Think Tank

    作者: 路翰娜

    关键字: 公开课, 网络平台, 教育资源, MOOCs, 开放源 Open Course; Internet Platform; Educational Resource; MOOCs; Open Access

    期刊名称: 《Advances in Education》, Vol.3 No.4, 2013-09-25

    摘要: 网络时代的“小世界”特性使得获取免费公共教育资源成为可能,这种革命性的学习方式正以网络公开课的形式在世界范围内成为高等教育的研究热点。近年来世界名校的网络公开课如雨后春笋般竞相开启,而大型网络多媒体课程平台的建立更是极大地整合了优质的教育资源。此举是世界范围内无数莘莘学子受益终身。印度哲人克里希那穆提曾倡导“一生的学习”,然而在网络公开课的免费教育资源平台上,分享高质量的课程不再是一个“愿望”。网络公开课真是的“免费的午餐”么?面对卷帙浩繁的公开课如何取舍?如何优化选择?本文将对关于网络公开课的这些问题进行简要的分析和讨论。In the age of “small-world” on the Internet, the massively open online courses (MOOCs) have become cutting-edge methods to share the free educational resource worldwide. There are hundreds of courses held by universities or other integrative platform in recent 5 years, which benefit the knowledge lovers all over the world. Just like the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti recommended “Education and the Significance of Life”, it is possible that people share the MOOCs on the internet. However, is MOOCs free meal, and how do people optimally select the course? In this article, we will discuss and analyze these considerations in the way of summary.